Employment Opportunities in Saskatoon


Founded in 1982, Axon Development Corporation was one of the first providers of software designed specifically for the transportation industry.

Software by Axon is totally integrated and works in Real-Time, meaning it seamlessly combines all operational and accounting needs of a business.It works hard in the background, taking information entered in one place and instantly applying it to all the other areas it should be used. This saves customers an immense amount of time and money by slashing the need for tedious multiple-entry and reducing the chance of error.

No other software package or combination of packages can compare.

Apply today. Join our team and you will get access to:

– Paid Parking, or bus pass if you have no vehicle
– Group/Health Benefits
Innovation Place Park – Rated as one of the top places of employment in Saskatchewan
Fitness Center – Squash courts, cardio equipment, yoga classes, weights and a steam room
Boffins Club
Games room
– And more…

Which position fits you best?

Customer Support and Training
Software Developer

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